The SoL Learning Plaza 2022, Stockholm, Sweden

You are invited by Society for Organisational Learning – a global  learning community composed of organizations, individuals, and communities around the world, a member-governed NGO devoted to the interdependent development of people and their institutions in service of inspired performance and meaningful results, based on Systemic Change and Organizational Learning.SoL is an international knowledge network of researchers, consultants and practitioners from business and other organizations, with a focus on Systemic Change and Organizational Learning. It was founded in 1997 in collaboration with MIT in Boston, USA.

For us, this event is a contribution, a response to the challenge that one of our founders, Arie de Geus, so vividly presented back in 2014:

“I think what is needed, what is waiting for you, the next generation, is to find ways to change the internal structures of business and governmental institutions to become much more in harmony with the value systems that have developed since the second world war. That´s your job. That´s is waiting for you and that´s a very difficult problem. That´s really organizational learning by accommodation”.

The SoL Learning Plaza will take place on May 31st and June 1st

Adjacent to Stockholm +50 a high-level meeting hosted by the Swedish government to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the first UN conference on the human environment – the 1972 Stockholm Conference.

The aim of that meeting is to contribute to accelerating a transformation that leads to sustainable and green economies, more jobs, and a healthy planet for all, where no one is left behind. SoL Sweden is unfortunately not able to help with accreditations and registrations to Stockholm+50. Please do it directly with the information’s provided by the official website, or by your local NGOs. Please keep track of the dates.

SoL Sweden is a local network within the Global SoL family. To create this event, all SoL communities around the world have come together to design a learning experience where you will feel a natural part of the systems we are focusing on – this time, regenerative food systems, business and organisational systems, and living communities with their cultural roots.

In this event, you are invited into the very heart of systems design – to experience what it feels like to create systems with outcomes that bring wellbeing to every member and element of the system.

You are invited to join whether or not you are currently a member in any SoL community. This is a hybrid event; you are welcome to join in person or by Zoom. Our promise is to provide you with a unique learning experience.

You will find more information about the SoL Learning Plaza here. Should you have any questions about participating, please address them to

Please choose your option of the participant fee. We do offer some scholarships. Please let us know if you are interested via mail to

Early bird fees are valid up to March 30th 2022.

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